Our Value and Services

The value we provide:

1.  We have travelled extensively throughout Southern Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls.  We have driven all over South Africa and Namibia but we use transfers in Botswana.

2.  We have stayed in a wide range of accommodations ranging from 5 star top of the line luxury to rustic and places in between.  We can advise on where to go or stay and where NOT to go or stay.

3.  Unbiased information and advice and a level of confidence for travelling to a new destination based on our “been there, done that” knowledge and insight.


4.  Recommendations and advice about where to go, what to see and what to do.


5.  Recommendations and advice on how to choose a safari - this is probably the major reason for the trip and we can help get it right.

6.  Tailor made itinerary preparation to suit your interests and needs.  The trips we help our clients plan are customized itineraries.  They are not group tours or “off the shelf” prepackaged trips.  Our itineraries are all tailor made for the client.

7.  Access to a personally known South African Tour and Travel Operator; a Kruger National Park private safari guide; a military history specialist and other specialists such as photographers and birding experts that we know personally.  We highly recommend using local companies because they are local and they are specialists in what they do and can provide an absolutely outstanding and memorable experience.

8.  Recommendations and advice for the essential day to day things you need to know during your trip.

Our Services:

An Initial Consultation:

TripsToSouthAfrica will complete a complimentary initial consultation with the client to understand what the client is looking for and to outline the services that we provide.

Trip Advice and Consulting Services (TRACS):

Following detailed discussions regarding the client's interests and priorities, TripsToSouthAfrica will provide tailor made, customized recommendations in order to get the most from your trip.  This will include the key regions and places to visit; what to see and what to do in each area.

Trip Itinerary Planning Services (TRIPS):

TripsToSouthAfrica will provide a day by day, tailor made, customized itinerary for your trip based on feedback from the TRACS stage.  This will also include a preliminary estimate of the cost of the trip using illustrative examples of accommodations, safaris and internal transportation etc.

Trip Knowledge Services (TRIKS):

TripsToSouthAfrica will provide information, recommendations and advice for the essential day to day things you need to know during your trip.  Examples include: getting around, safety and security, communications and much more.

Our Clients:

1.  For clients who are looking for a complete turnkey service to take care of all their trip arrangements and bookings:

TripsToSouthAfrica will provide an initial consultation followed by a referral service to the South African Tour and Travel Operator that we know personally.  They are specialists in Southern Africa and safaris and can offer specialties such as photo or birding safaris or special events.  The provide tailormade bespoke trips and their itineraries are a "WOW".

TripsToSouthAfrica will complement the service provided by the Tour and Travel Operator with our TRIKS service.

2. For clients who are looking to be more involved in planning and booking their own trip or in using a travel agent of their choice:


TripsToSouthAfrica can provide the TRACS, TRIPS and TRIKS services as described above.


Helping you plan your dream trip.

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